Budget forward-looking: CS

February 27, 2019

On the premise of ensuring the stability of the public finances, the Budget adopts a forward-looking and strategic fiscal approach, Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung said today.


Speaking to the media after the Financial Secretary presented the 2019-20 Budget, Mr Cheung said the Budget deserves the community's support as it is aimed at nurturing industries, supporting enterprises, enhancing public services, improving people's livelihood and investing in the future.


He noted recurrent expenditure for the three key livelihood areas of education, healthcare and social welfare is expected to reach $255.5 billion, accounting for nearly 60% of the Government's total recurrent expenditure or an increase of more than 7% on last year's revised estimates.


“This demonstrates the current-term Government's commitment in supporting the needy and disadvantaged, and also in building a harmonious, caring and inclusive community.


“I fully support this year's Budget and hope that the Legislative Council will pass the Appropriation Bill as quickly as possible so that the many important and caring measures can be implemented promptly for the benefit of the entire community."

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