Glass recycling charter launched

January 10, 2019

Secretary for the Environment KS Wong today officiated at the launch ceremony of the New Chapter for Glass Bottle Recycling.


It marked the launch of the Glass Container Recycling Charter and a series of promotional activities to raise people’s awareness on glass bottle recycling.


Mr Wong said two government-appointed glass management contractors are providing free glass container collection and treatment services across the city.


Following the commencement of contractor services, the total amount of waste glass containers collected in 2018 increased by about 45% compared with 2017.


With their full service provision, the monthly collection amount has been increasing over the past few months. The amount collected in the latest month was more than double the monthly average in 2017, he added.


Mr Wong also noted that the number of collection points serving catering premises has tripled and that collection points serving the residential sector has increased to more than 1,500 locations.


The contractors are set to increase waste glass containers collection to gradually attain the recovery target of 50,000 tonnes a year, or about half of the amount generated.


The charter was also launched to invite all interested parties to take part in and jointly promote glass container recycling.

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