Management guidelines issued

January 1, 2019

The Home Affairs Department published the Administrative Guidelines on Best Practices on Building Management today.


The guidelines aim to assist owners, owners' corporations, owners' committees, Deed of Mutual Covenant managers and property management companies to better fulfil the responsibilities to manage their buildings.


It has incorporated the proposals from a public consultation on the review of the Building Management Ordinance conducted in 2014-15 and the enhanced proposals presented to the Legislative Council Panel on Home Affairs in 2017 by the Home Affairs Bureau and the department.


The contents cover the formation of an owners’ corporation, financial arrangement, the procurement process, including preparation of invitation to tender, consideration and decision on acceptance of tenders and actions after the acceptance of tenders.


It also outlines best practices on general meeting and use of proxy instruments, including the convening of a general meeting and issuance of notice of meeting, submission of proxy instruments, conduct of a general meeting and actions after the conclusion of a general meeting.


To facilitate relevant parties in following the requirements, the department will issue a Checklist on Procedural Propriety consolidating the requirements under the ordinance and the Codes of Practice issued by the Secretary for Home Affairs, as well as the administrative guidelines.


It will also provide advisory services to owners’ corporations in need.


Click here for the administrative guidelines.

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