Gov't to invest in elderly services

October 27, 2018

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung

Hong Kong is an open international community. We are open to ideas from different places. With the ageing population, as I said in Chinese earlier, we face a huge challenge here in Hong Kong, particularly the growing ageing community and increasing demand for elderly care and services. Elderly services are the top priority for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. For every $100 we spend every day, $20 goes to elderly in terms of cash assistance, medical care, home care and elderly care. That underlines the importance we attach to it.


We will continue to invest heavily in elderly services because we have to pay back to the elderly population as they contributed to Hong Kong during their young days. Without the elderly, Hong Kong would not be a vibrant community today. So, we have to be grateful and make sure that they will have happy golden years for the remaining part of their life. But in the process, we need joint effort from everybody, not just from the Government alone. We have to build a coalition among academia, Government, NGOs, and also of course, stakeholders to ensure that elderly services are really up to speed and meet the aspirations and expectations of the whole community.


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung speaks at the Jockey Club Smart Ageing Hub Opening Ceremony & Symposium on October 27.

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