Digital Dunhuang show to open

July 10, 2018

The Heritage Museum will host the "Digital Dunhuang – Tales of Heaven & Earth" exhibition from July 11 to October 22.


It uses the latest multimedia technology to show Dunhuang's famous grottoes and cultural relics.


It will feature more than 100 exhibits, including a replica of cave 285, the most vibrant cave at Mogao, built during the Western Wei period.


Presented in Hong Kong for the first time, the cave has been reproduced at full scale to reveal its murals and stucco statues.


The exhibition's multimedia programmes and interactive installations have been produced by using high-fidelity images and cave scans provided by the Dunhuang Academy.


Visitors can view Dunhuang art in minute detail and see life in the Buddhist heaven and the ordinary world portrayed on the murals.


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