Gov't must tackle land supply issue

July 3, 2018

The Government should address the issue of land supply to meet public demand for housing.


Making the statement before today's Executive Council meeting, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said land supply is always an important topic, especially after the announcement of new housing initiatives on June 29.


"There has been a very strong aspiration for the Government to respond to the question: So where will the land come from?


"As a responsible senior official in the Hong Kong administration, we have to be able to respond to that question."


Asked about her earlier remarks on reclamation as a possible solution, Mrs Lam said she has no intention to influence discussions on land supply options amid a public consultation.


"Reclamation outside Victoria Harbour is, very obvious, one of the important land supply options. And Hong Kong's development has always been relying on reclamation over many decades."


Mrs Lam also asked the Task Force on Land Supply to reflect community views to the Government so she can come up with more measures to tackle the issue in her Policy Address.


"I may not be able to provide all the solutions to Hong Kong's long outstanding land shortage problem but to make no response at all on land supply in October when I announce my second Policy Address will not be able to meet the people's aspiration."

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