Bridge link road surfacing completed

January 20, 2018

The road surfacing works and road facilities of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road have been successfully completed, the Highways Department announced today.


They include the 9.4 km-long viaducts, the 1 km-long Scenic Hill Tunnel, and 1.6 km-long at-grade roads along the east coast of the Hong Kong International Airport.


The remaining works in progress mainly include the final installation and testing of the Traffic Control & Surveillance System, and the completion of some ancillary facilities.


The department announced the complete connection of the bridge’s Hong Kong link last year.


To construct the link close to the airport, the engineering team tackled various challenges during the design and construction stages.


They included complying with tight airport height restriction, ensuring construction avoided the Sha Lo Wan archaeological site which has high conservation value, and reducing environmental impact.


The load test and the associated analysis of the link road’s 9.4 km viaduct section have also been completed. All the bridge structures of the viaduct section have met the requirement for the designed loading capacity.


The load test started in October last year and was carried out on all 230 spans of the 19 bridge structures.


Director of Highways Daniel Chung witnessed the test on the last bridge span during a site visit on January 11.


He thanked the testing team for working hard to complete the procedure successfully within three months.

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