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Police condemn MK protests

November 29, 2014

Police have condemned the protesters who illegally assembled in Mong Kok last night, blocking roads and endangering public order and safety.


Eight officers were injured, including two hit by hard objects thrown by protesters.


Police said resolute enforcement action was taken to preserve public order and safety.


Twenty-eight people were arrested for unlawful assembly, assaulting and obstructing police, possessing weapons or instruments fit for unlawful purpose,  possessing poison, and disorderly conduct.


A large number of protesters gathered on Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Shantung Street and Soy Street and blocked the roads. Police issued multiple appeals, advice and warnings but protesters refused to comply. They scattered around the area, creating chaos, provoking and throwing hard objects at Police and charged cordons.


Police used minimum force and took resolute action to stop the unlawful acts, and to disperse and arrest the protesters involved.


On Dundas Street protesters used large objects like rubbish and recycling bins to block roads. Police swiftly removed the obstacles and arrested the people concerned.