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Gov't rejects US report

November 20, 2014

The Government tonight refuted the US-China Economic & Security Review Commission 2014 Annual Report, saying it is biased and its allegations about Hong Kong’s constitutional development are unfounded and misleading.


In a statement, the Government said it disagrees with the report’s views, which show the commission’s lack of understanding of the situation.


The Government strongly objects to the commission’s recommendation to re-enact the US-Hong Kong Policy Act, which is made based on misguided and unfounded allegations. It said foreign governments and legislatures should not interfere in any form in the internal affairs of Hong Kong.


The statement said the report failed to take into consideration the constitutional set-up of Hong Kong. Mainland authorities, the Hong Kong Government and the Hong Kong community have been working towards universal suffrage in a gradual and orderly process in accordance with the Basic Law.


To prepare for universal suffrage the Government will consult the public on the selection method of the Chief Executive in 2017. The community can engage in more in-depth and pragmatic discussions on the specific arrangements.


It said it is unfortunate the report has entirely overlooked the facts and denounced efforts to take forward Hong Kong's democratic development.


The statement also said the freedom and right of procession and peaceful assembly are enshrined in the Basic Law and the Bill of Rights, while Police always handle public order events in a fair, just and impartial manner.

Hong Kong is governed by the rule of law and the Government will deal with the illegal activities associated with Occupy Central in accordance with the law so public order is maintained and people’s normal lives can resume.


The statement said the Hong Kong Garrison has been performing defence functions and responsibilities in Hong Kong in accordance with the law, while Hong Kong’s law enforcement agencies are fully capable of handling public order situations. The Government has no intention to seek assistance from the Garrison in dealing with the protest. 

The statement said the Government is committed to protecting freedom of expression and freedom of the press. It will not and cannot interfere with the internal operations of media organisations or the commercial decisions of any private enterprise. 

The Government strongly condemns the violent acts against journalists, and every violent incident will be tackled seriously under the law.


The Government is committed to maintaining law and order and safeguarding people’s personal safety.