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Gov't to consider submitting opinion report

October 21, 2014

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says the Government has agreed to consider relaying the Federation of Student’s concerns, opinions and requests on constitutional development to the Central Government in a dialogue with the students.


Mrs Lam said the Government is considering a suitable avenue to submit a public opinion report to the State Council’s Hong Kong & Macau Affairs Office to illustrate public opinion after the National People’s Congress made its decision on Hong Kong’s constitutional development on August 31.


She also said within the framework laid down by the NPC Standing Committee’s decision, there is still room for discussion on the universal suffrage of the Chief Executive, including nomination procedures and election methods.


She said the Government is willing to work with the public to create the greatest political space to achieve a fair, just, highly transparent and competitive election.


The 2017 Chief Executive election method is not the end game, she said, adding that it can be further improved in light of social conditions in future for elections beyond 2017.


She also said the Government is considering the idea to create a platform for the discussion of long-term constitutional development, so as to engage different sectors of society, including students and youngsters, in the discussion.


Mrs Lam said the door to conversation is still wide open, and she is hoping to have another meeting with the students.