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45 arrested for unlawful assembly

October 12, 2014

The Police arrested 45 protesters for unlawful assembly and obstructing police officers in carrying out their duty on Lung Wo Road this morning.


At around 9.45 yesterday evening, protesters gathered outside the Chief Executive's Office suddenly ran onto Lung Wo Road, severely disrupting traffic in the area.


Some protesters threw objects from above, as well as traffic cones; some placed drain covers onto the road or snatched Police barriers and built roadblocks, causing further danger and obstruction.


To ensure public safety and maintain public order, Police dispersed the crowd at around 2.45am today and removed the barriers. Traffic on Lung Wo Road resumed at 5.45am.


After the protesters had ignored repeated appeals to leave, and some had pushed officers, the Police applied minimum force - including the use of warning banners - to disperse them. 


The force reiterated that it respects people's freedom of expression, speech and assembly, and always handles meetings, processions and demonstrations in a fair, just and impartial manner. But it noted that people should comply with the law and maintain social order when expressing their views.