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8 arrested near Mong Kok protest zone

October 23, 2014

Police have arrested seven men and one woman, aged between 32 and 82 near the Mong Kok protest area since noon yesterday, for their alleged involvement in 13 cases including assault, indecent assault, possession of an offensive weapon, disorderly conduct in a public place and arson.


The High Court has granted injunctions requiring protesters to clear illegally occupied roads and forbids them from obstructing the removal of obstacles from the areas.


The applicant and bailiffs yesterday tried to carry out the order but were ignored, and there were clashes between those helping to remove the obstacles and the protesters.


Police appealed to the protesters to respect the law, obey the court order and stop occupying the roads as soon as possible.


Officers also stressed that the occupied streets in Mong Kok remain a high-risk area, and advised people to avoid it.


The force added that it would continue to carry out its duties impartially, but would not tolerate violence.