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Beijing backs democratic development

November 09, 2014

President Xi Jinping says the Central Government will steadfastly support the One Country, Two Systems principle and the Basic Law to promote democracy in accordance with the law and maintaining Hong Kong's prosperity.


Mr Xi said this to Chief Executive CY Leung at the APEC summit in Beijing today.


He said the theme of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee is to promote the rule of law. He said the full understanding of the One Country, Two systems principle and the Basic Law is important to maintaining the prosperity of Hong Kong and Macau.


Mr Leung thanked the Central Government for its support of Hong Kong’s development. The Hong Kong Government has reported daily to the Central Government on the Occupy Central protests in the past weeks.


Mr Leung said the protests are the biggest mass movement in Hong Kong since the Handover, and has made an impact on Hong Kong’s rule of law.


The movement has also showed that society has diverse opinions on the city’s economic development and livelihood issues, he said, adding that he is confident of restoring social order.