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Police to help bailiffs

November 25, 2014

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says Police will help bailiffs clear obstacles on Mong Kok roads, and believes that people affected by the occupation will feel relieved.


Speaking to reporters today, Mrs Lam said the injunctions against the occupation should be enforced as Hong Kong is a law-abiding society. The Government will take appropriate actions if roads are still blocked after the injunctions have been carried out.


On the public sentiment report, Mrs Lam said it should reflect what has happened in Hong Kong since the National People's Congress Standing Committee's decision on constitutional development in August. There is no deadline for the report as the occupation is ongoing.


Mrs Lam said although society may not be able to focus on discussing the second stage constitutional development public consultation at the moment, preparation work has started.


She added the Government treasures young people's opinion on constitutional development, and the door to dialogue is still wide open. However, there is no room for dialogue if there are unrealistic prerequisites, like asking the standing committee to retract its decision.