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86 arrested in MK clearance

November 26, 2014

Police have arrested 86 people during the Mong Kok protest site clearance yesterday, in which nine officers were injured.


 After the roads on Argyle Street near Portland Street were re-opened yesterday afternoon, protesters gathered around Portland Street, Shanghai Street, Shantung Street, Reclamation Street and Ferry Street.


They confronted the Police and tried to block the roads again using obstacles, but officers took action to drive them out.


Police arrested 77 men and nine women for offences including unlawful assembly, assaulting Police, possessing offensive weapons and obstructing Police officers.


The force appealed to people not to go to those areas of Mong Kok to avoid unnecessary injuries. It also reminded journalists covering the site clearance to mind their personal safety.


The Police also stressed they are duty bound to take action to safeguard public order and safety.

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