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Raise concerns via liaison body: CE

September 06, 2012
Chief Executive CY Leung has urged parents, students, and other groups to express their opinions to the Committee on the Implementation of Moral & National Education, to resolve their concerns with the body or the Government direct.
Briefing the media today, Mr Leung said he attaches great importance to people’s views on launching the moral and national education subject. The Government has expanded the scope of the committee, he said, adding that anything, including the deadline after the three-year initiation period, can be discussed.

He said the subject has been in preparation for a decade, and went through consultations and hearings before being implemented by the previous government.
He reiterated the Government has no intention to ‘brain-wash’ students, and urged people not to worry about the subject.
He also said teaching materials are not prepared by the Government, and its reference materials have not been devised yet. The Government’s materials will be vetted by the committee, and the schools can devise their own teaching materials and decide how to teach.
Mr Leung urged people to read the Education Bureau’s curriculum guide, which will prove the Government will not brain wash students.
He said he has instructed Police to exercise great tolerance when handling the protest outside the Central Government Offices, and reiterated there is no plan for a clearance operation.

Moral and National Education