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Student strike affects learning: Eddie Ng

September 12, 2012
Secretary for Education Eddie Ng says he respects people’s freedom in expressing their views, however, the Government does not support the student strike, as it will affect their learning.
Mr Ng made the remark at the Salute to Teachers 2012 - Teachers' Day & Commendation Certificate Presentation Ceremony today.
Speaking to the media after the ceremony, he said as Chinese nationals, it is proper and right for students to learn about their own country.
He said school-sponsoring bodies and schools can decide whether to implement moral and national education with their professional judgment under the new policy.
"The so-called 'three-year deadline' for implementing the subject no longer exists."
School-sponsoring bodies and schools can decide the mode of implementation, and whether the subject should be introduced as an independent one.
Mr Ng said the Government has not released any teaching material so far, only a curriculum guide. An obsolete section of it has already been deleted.

Moral and National Education