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Police worried about rule of law

November 04, 2014

Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Steve Hui said today that there is a growing tendency for people not to abide by the law because of the prolonged illegal occupation.


He told a press briefing this afternoon that Hong Kong had always been a law abiding and orderly society, but now there is a gradual erosion of the rule of law - which he finds worrying.


Mr Hui noted that the risk of disputes and confrontations is on the rise, and he urged people with different views to express their opinions in a peaceful and rational manner.


Speaking at the same briefing, Police Traffic Branch Headquarters Senior Superintendent Lee Kwok-chung said that after giant banners were hung in country parks, copycat signs have emerged in city areas.


He warned that such illegal acts endanger the safety of road users and that the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department will remove the banners and prosecute offenders.