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Community view

Community view:  Chief Secretary Carrie Lam and Secretary for the Environment KS Wong (left) chat with residents in Tuen Mun.

Q1 target for landfill plan

August 08, 2013
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam expects the proposal to extend Hong Kong's three landfills will be tabled at the Legislative Council in the first quarter of next year.
Mrs Lam and Secretary for the Environment KS Wong today visited Ha Pak Nai Tsuen in Yuen Long, and Lung Kwu Tan Village in Tuen Mun. They also inspected the West New Territories Landfill and the EcoPark in Tuen Mun.
Speaking to the media after the visit, Mrs Lam said it is better to submit the proposal next year because it is impractical to finish procedural matters this year. She hopes the council will approve the proposal.

Mrs Lam said the three areas affected by the proposed landfill extensions have been inspected by the Government to formulate improvement measures and address residents’ anxiety.
The Government is considering improving the hygiene of garbage trucks, and encouraging the trade to optimise the use of the refuse transfer station, she said, adding she hopes to win local residents’ support.
The steering committee to support the recycling industry, which she chairs, will hold a meeting soon to work out the future plan, she added.
Mr Wong said the West New Territories Landfill, the Environmental Protection Department and its contractor have not conducted any works relating to landfill extension ahead of approval.
He said the site has an area where the landfill contractor can stockpile soil for future use and daily operations in accordance with operational requirements.
On new guidelines on conflict of interest, Mrs Lam said officials should be alert to any potential conflicts of interest involving themselves or their family members when they are making decisions.

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