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Gov't prioritising HK people: CS

February 01, 2013
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam has pledged the Government will put the interests of local people first when supplies of services or goods in Hong Kong cannot meet the growing demand from Mainland visitors.
Mrs Lam said the measures announced by different bureaus today to secure a stable supply of infant formula for local mothers will meet the Chief Executive’s pledge to prioritise Hong Kong people in such matters.

“We have announced a series of measures both in terms of amending the Import & Export General Regulation to control the export of infant formula, to running a special hotline to help mothers secure their supply over a certain period, as well as stepping up enforcement at control points, to in terms of allocating Primary 1 school places in North District to meet the wishes of parents who want to have their kids enrolled in primary schools in the same district.”
She said amending legislation is not a minimal measure.
“The Government has seriously considered and come up with this package of measures, which include controlling the export of infant formula to ensure a more secure supply for our local mothers, stepping up enforcement and control at the border points, and taking a rather exceptional step for a government to step in, to provide a hotline service for mothers in Hong Kong to order their infant formula.
“The most important aspect of control in these circumstances is to make sure the supply of infant formula stays in Hong Kong as far as possible. In other words, it is to control the export of infant formula. So invoking the Import & Export (General) Regulations, which have been applied to other commodities, is the most appropriate measure.”

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