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Distribution solution

Distribution solution:  Infant formula suppliers and the Government have set out measures aimed at solving supply and retail-level problems, Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man says.

Formula supply measures set

January 25, 2013
Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man says the Government and infant formula suppliers have set out measures to address supply and retail-level problems, and to curb retailers’ undesirable practices.
Speaking to the media today, Dr Ko said all major suppliers have taken into consideration the local demand, seasonal fluctuation and cross-boundary demand. They reconfirmed their commitment and confidence to ensure an adequate supply of infant formula to Hong Kong throughout the Lunar New Year period.
"At the retail level, we have sought to build up a safety net, so as to assure all Hong Kong consumers that they can obtain supply of infant formulae through the hotlines of all the suppliers, as well as in some cases a website for web-based purchasing," he said.
Dr Ko added the suppliers welcome consumers' complaints to their hotlines regarding retailers’ malpractices, as well as information the Consumer Council conveys. The Government will monitor the situation and gather information through these channels.
"If there are situations that raise the question of law-abidance, then of course relevant departments will seek to take law-enforcement actions. If there are other malpractices the consumers reported to the suppliers, the suppliers will look into the situation and, depending on the situation, take appropriate measures."
He added the measures include warning, restriction of supply and even cessation of supply.
Consumer Council Chief Executive Gilly Wong said the council is urging the suppliers to consider implementing price-stablisation mechanisms or promotions, to prevent fluctuations in formula pricing.

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