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Gov’t to ensure formula supply

January 24, 2013
Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man says the Government is concerned about the supply of infant formula, and will not rule out introducing more stringent measures to ensure sufficient stocks.
Speaking on a radio programme today, Dr Ko urged retailers not to jeopardise the public’s long-term interest for short-term fiscal returns.
He said officers from his bureau met with infant formula suppliers and retailers yesterday. All parties reconfirmed their commitment to maintaining an adequate supply of formula for local mothers and their babies.
He said the major formula suppliers are providing free membership plans, hotlines, and delivery services for local parents.
The retailers agreed that every formula purchase will be limited to four cans.
Dr Ko said the measures will ensure an adequate supply of formula for locals.
Suppliers said the overall supply of formula is sufficient, and that shortfalls in some districts might be attributable to a scramble for the product there, or retailers selling the product in an illicit way.

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