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'Fishball Revolution' misleading

February 13, 2016

Secretary for Security TK Lai says it is wrong to use to the term "Fishball Revolution" to justify the mob violence in Mong Kok during the Lunar New Year holiday.


Speaking to reporters after appearing on a radio programme today, Mr Lai said the word "fishball" is misplaced as it implies hawkers were selling food and the Government took enforcement action against them.


He said the fact is Food & Environmental Hygiene Department officers were only patrolling the area near where the trouble started and were not taking any enforcement action.


The officers were then surrounded by a group of more than 50 people and that's why they then asked for Police assistance.


Mr Lai said the Government's position is clear that this is a case of violence and it must take all possible legal action to apprehend the culprits and bring them to court.


On calls for the enactment of Basic Law Article 23, Mr Lai said the Government has not changed its stance on the national security legislation since the incident and has no plans do so.