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SJ rejects persecution claims

January 12, 2015

Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen has refuted claims by people charged over their participation in the Occupy movement that they are being politically persecuted.


Speaking at the ceremonial opening of the legal year today at City Hall, Mr Yuen said a rational analysis of two questions will dispel any question of political persecution.


One is whether these people have been convicted by the court after due process, and whether the Judiciary is discharging its duty properly by keeping to law and evidence when making judgments.


He said the Occupy Central campaign was a blatant challenge to the rule of law. Although the movement has come to an end, challenges to the rule of law have not disappeared.


He said the rule of law is the bedrock of democracy and universal suffrage, and constitutional development or universal suffrage without the rule of law is no different to a house without foundation.


Also speaking at the event, Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma noted the relevance of the Occupy protests to the rule of law in Hong Kong, which has showed that most people respect and trust the rule of law.


He said the injunction proceedings in the courts which took place during the protests demonstrated an adherence to the rule of law. People expect court judgments and orders to be respected and complied with, he added.