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NT project aims to meet local need: CS

September 20, 2012
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said the North East New Territories study is a conventional study aimed at increasing land supply to meet the future housing needs of the local population. 
In a media session today, Mrs Lam said most of the concerns and criticisms of the North East New Territories New Development Areas project expressed recently in some media are totally unfounded. The Planning Department had been taking forward this land-use planning study in the last three or four years under the steering of the Development Bureau.
“There was this very strong idea that in the new development areas, we should have a good mix of public housing and private housing," she said. 

Speaking to the media after participating in a radio programme on the project today, Secretary for Development Paul Chan says the Government will properly handle the resettlement and compensation plans of villagers, including non-indigenous inhabitants, affected by plans to develop the northeast New Territories.
He said the Government will make reference to the Choi Yuen Village and Chuk Yuen Village cases when considering the compensation plan, and that the amount of compensation will be disclosed after approval by the Executive Council.
Mr Chan added the Government needs long-term plans to cater to the huge housing demand in Hong Kong. He hopes the public can focus on developing the northeast New Territories into a new town for Hong Kong people.
On the registration system on unauthorised building works on New Territories Exempted Houses, Mr Chan said the number of registrations have increased sharply this month, which may be attributed to the better understanding of the plan. He said the Government will consider the Heung Yee Kuk’s suggestion of extending the registration deadline.

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