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Oil order issued

October 28, 2014

The Centre for Food Safety will issue a Food Safety Order to prohibit the import and supply of all edible fats and oils produced by Cheng I Food and Ting Hsin Oil & Fat Industrial Co in Taiwan,  and all food products made with them.


Food traders will be required to recall the products.


The announcement was made after the centre obtained information, showing that some of Ting Hsin's oil products were made with problematic materials originating from Vietnam, while some substandard oil products made by Cheng I were imported to Hong Kong.


The order is necessary to mandate the recall of the affected oils and food products in a systematic manner, to ensure that they are no longer in circulation.


The centre will gazette the order and make an announcement as soon as possible.


The centre has already stopped the import and supply of all edible oils produced in Taiwan.


Since October 9, the centre has marked and sealed 230 tonnes of edible fats and oils imported from Taiwan.

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