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Recalled drug

Recalled drug:  The Department of Health has ordered a recall of two suspected unregistered products - Ryukakusandirect Stick's mint and peach flavour.

Unregistered Chinese medicine recalled

March 27, 2014

The Department of Health today ordered a licensed proprietary Chinese medicines wholesaler to recall two suspected unregistered products, Ryukakusandirect Stick's peach and mint flavour.


The department investigated after receiving a complaint related to the medicine, which Man Hing Medical Suppliers (International) Ltd imported from Japan for sale in Hong Kong.


The product has not been registered with the Chinese Medicine Council. The department had received no related adverse reports so far, it said, adding the use of unregistered medicines may pose threats to public health, as their safety, efficacy and quality have not been proven.


The company has set up a hotline, 2544 8005, to handle related enquiries.