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District Councillors meet protesters

October 10, 2014

Urgent appeal

Urgent appeal:  Wan Chai District Council Vice Chairman Stephen Ng (left) and council member Yolanda Ng (second left) appeal to protesters to reopen roads in Causeway Bay.

Wan Chai and Eastern District Councillors visited protesters in Causeway Bay today to persuade them to empathise with the area's citizens and reopen roads.


The protesters are occupying Yee Wo Street and Hennessy Road.


The councillors relayed to them the views of nearby residents and shop owners whose daily lives and businesses have been affected by the protest.


Wan Chai District Council Vice Chairman Stephen Ng said it is unclear when the situation will be resolved and he asked protesters to reopen the roads.


Wan Chai District Councillor Yolanda Ng told them that residents hope a tram station can be reopened as soon as possible.