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Protesters face legal liability

October 09, 2014

Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Steve Hui reminded protesters today that blocking roads means they could face criminal charges under the law.


Addressing the media this afternoon, Mr Hui quoted the Hong Kong Bar Association’s statement issued yesterday, noting that the protesters should respect the rights and freedoms of other people who do not necessarily share their views, and not cause excessive damage or inconvenience. They should also be ready to accept the criminal consequences of their actions.


He also noted that some people had placed beds and mattresses at the Mong Kok protest sites, which indicated that some of them are prepared to continue to occupy the area for a prolonged period of time.


Mr Hui added that the grave impact of the road blocks has escalated tensions between the protesters and the local community, increasing the risk of confrontation and making Mong Kok a “high-risk” area.


The Police will continue to closely monitor the situation and will take appropriate action depending on the prevailing circumstances, Mr Hui noted.