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Joint effort

Joint effort:  Chief Executive CY Leung (right) and Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen (left) join the Territory-wide Cleansing Campaign and clean the bench outside Shek Tong Tsui Market.

Important message

Important message:  Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says the Territory-wide Cleansing Campaign aims to spread the message of maintaining good personal and environmental hygiene.

Cleansing gift

Cleansing gift:  Financial Secretary John Tsang (right) distributes cleansing packs to the public. 

Holiday hygiene

Holiday hygiene:  Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So (left) takes part in the Territory-wide Cleansing Campaign and hands out cleansing packs to the public and tourists at the Ocean Park.

Join hands to keep HK clean: CE

April 28, 2013
Chief Executive CY Leung said today Hong Kong’s hygiene situation shows progress, but still has room for improvement. He hopes Government officials and the public can work together to strengthen Hong Kong's ability to carry out quarantine and preventive measures, and keep Hong Kong clean.
Today is the last day of the Territory-wide Cleansing Campaign, the first public participation event organised under ‘Fresh Hong Kong’ - one of four themes of the Hong Kong: Our Home Campaign. Mr Leung and Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen went to Shek Tong Tsui Market, to remind people that personal and environmental hygiene are of crucial importance.
Speaking on a radio show this morning, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said the campaign provides a platform to spread positive messages throughout Hong Kong. She hopes Hong Kong people can show their pride in the city by participating in the events.

Mrs Lam said the campaign is not intended to influence public perception of policy performance, but to spread the message of the importance of maintaining personal and environmental hygiene.
Financial Secretary John Tsang visited the open space underneath the flyover at Canal Road West, and said the Government is very concerned about the environmental hygiene of the city.
Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So visited Tin Wan Close Refuse Collection Point.
Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok visited the Causeway Bay Market area, and Secretary for Education Eddie Ng visited Eastern Commercial Plaza.
In response to recently reported cases of avian influenza A (H7N9) on the Mainland, the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department and other departments have stepped up cleansing work.