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Site inspection

Site inspection:  Director of Food & Environmental Hygiene Clement Leung (right) inspects Pei Ho Street Market.

Market cleaning enhanced

April 09, 2013
The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department has stepped up the cleaning of markets, in view of the H7N9 avian influenza cases on the Mainland.
Director of Food & Environmental Hygiene Clement Leung made the announcement today while inspecting cleansing work at Pei Ho Street Market.
Briefing the media, he said markets are cleaned at least three times a day, and live poultry stall owners are required to clean their stalls after business. After that, contractors thoroughly clean the stalls again.
Mr Leung asked market management to inspect stalls every two hours to ensure adherence to the regulations on human-poultry separation.
The trade should wear protective clothing, he said, adding acrylic panels should be installed to ensure customers cannot touch the birds.
Mr Leung said the Government requires stall owners to kill all unsold poultry on the premises before 8pm nightly, and to keep no live poultry overnight. The department has been enforcing the regulation strictly, he added.
The measures will minimise the risk of avian influenza infection from live poultry retail points, he said, warning that stall owners must adhere to the regulations or face prosecution.

Prevent Avian FLU