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South Bay Beach reopens

August 14, 2017

The Leisure & Cultural Services Department has reopened South Bay Beach in Southern District following satisfactory palm stearin cleanup operations.

This followed the reopening of five other beaches last week.

About 260 staff from the Marine Department, the LCSD, the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department, the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department and the Environmental Protection Department conducted beach inspections and cleanup operations today.

The oil content of water samples collected from the beaches remains at a low level.

The LCSD will continue to conduct routine cleanups at the six reopened beaches.

As of noon today, 205 tonnes of palm stearin had been recovered.

For the six reopened beaches, the LCSD reminded swimmers to rinse their feet before entering changing rooms to avoid slipping on any palm stearin.

The government departments will continue to monitor the situation and enhance cleanup work to reopen beaches as soon as possible.


On an organisation’s allegation that the Government provided misleading information on the location of the vessel collision that caused the palm oil spill, the Government said the claim is incorrect.


It said Under Secretary for the Environment Tse Chin-wan told the media on August 8 the collision took place in Mainland waters a few nautical miles off southwestern Hong Kong waters.