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Palm stearin cleanup monitored

August 09, 2017
Beach patrol

Beach patrol:  Under Secretary for the Environment Tse Chin-wan (right) inspects cleanup operations on Upper Cheung Sha Beach.

Under Secretary for the Environment Tse Chin-wan visited Upper Cheung Sha Beach on Lantau Island today to see the progress of the palm stearin cleanup.


Inspections from land, sea and air showed the amount of stearin floating in Hong Kong waters and on beaches was much less than before and no more large amounts were found.


The oil content of water samples collected from beaches remained at a low level.


While noting the situation has improved, Mr Tse said some stearin was still being found on beaches in certain places, such as Lamma Island, after cleanup operations.


Government departments will expedite cleanup efforts so closed beaches can be reopened. Three-hundred officers are conducting inspections and cleanup operations daily.


As of noon today, 130 tonnes of palm stearin had been recovered.

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