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Elephant trophy ban mooted

January 13, 2016

The Government will launch legislative procedures to ban the import and export of elephant hunting trophies, and will explore further banning the import and export of ivory to phase out the trade.


Delivering his 2016 Policy Address today, Chief Executive CY Leung said the Government is very concerned about the illegal poaching of elephants in Africa, and will boost enforcement against ivory smuggling and its illegal trade, and raise penalties on the smuggling and illegal trading of endangered species.


The Government is consulting the public on the first Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan for Hong Kong, with a view to implementing enhanced measures on nature conservation and supporting sustainable development.


The Government will also earmark $500 million to establish a dedicated fund for built heritage conservation, which will subsidise public education and publicity activities and academic research.


On energy, the Government will discuss with Hong Kong's power companies the new Scheme of Control Agreements, to boost energy efficiency and promote renewable energy. The Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme will be expanded to cover more electrical appliances and promote energy saving.


The Government will focus its efforts on promoting electric vehicles in the public transport system. It will also upgrade more public chargers to medium-speed chargers, and support property management companies to install more charging facilities.


A Charter on External Lighting will be launched to encourage switching off at a preset time lights for decorative, promotional or advertising purposes that affect the outdoor environment.


As the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A has been completed, the Government will prepare to construct dry weather flow interceptors and repair trunk sewers in Kowloon and Tsuen Wan to reduce residual pollution discharge along Victoria Harbour. A study will also be carried out to improve the quality of urban coastal waters.


Apart from various ongoing waste reduction measures, Mr Leung noted the Government is exploring using sewage treatment works facilities to also treat food waste and sewage sludge.