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Rioters to be brought to justice

February 09, 2016

Chief Executive CY Leung says Police will find those responsible for last night's riot in Mong Kok and bring them to justice.


Condemning the violence, Mr Leung told reporters today Police have not ruled out the possibility the riot was organised.


He said people can view for themselves news footage showing several hundred rioters attacking police officers and journalists, damaging cars and public property, setting fires, and throwing bricks and other objects at injured Police on the ground.


He said Police exercised the greatest restraint when dealing with the riot. He said the public can compare how the Hong Kong Police acted with how police in other countries deal with similar situations.


He also sent his respects to officers and journalists who were injured in the riot.


Secretary for Security TK Lai defended the firing of a gunshots during the riot. As injured police officers were still being attacked, he said officers had to take necessary action to keep the peace.


Mr Leung and Mr Lai visited injured officers at Caritas Medical Centre and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Mr Leung told the media that more than 80 officers and four journalists were injured in the violence. Most of the officers were injured by thrown bricks.


He reiterated that the riot should be condemned and should not be repeated.

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