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CS to present reform report

June 08, 2014

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says the Government is consolidating constitutional reform submissions and she will discuss the consultation report at the Legislative Council when it is ready next month.

Speaking at a constitutional reform seminar today, Mrs Lam said people's views on the matter vary but they have three points in common. One is they have a strong desire for the Chief Executive to be selected by universal suffrage. Implementing universal suffrage is the Central and Hong Kong Governments' common goal, she said.


People also agree reform should be based on the Basic Law and the NPCSC’s decisions and interpretations, and the Chief Executive should love the country and Hong Kong so the 'One Country, Two Systems' principle continues.


The Government will have to prepare reform proposals for the next consultation round if the NPCSC decides the selection methods of the Chief Executive and Legislative Council in 2017 and 2016 can be amended, she said.


She urged people not to insist on their own views and to forge consensus with reference to the Basic Law’s framework.