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Reform an internal affair: Raymond Tam

April 23, 2014

Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Raymond Tam says constitutional development is an internal affair of Hong Kong and the Government is handling it seriously and carefully.


Speaking to reporters today, Mr Tam said after the public consultation on constitutional development closes on May 3, it will take two months to prepare the consultation report.


"We will then submit it to the Chief Executive. He will consider our report and write his own report and submit that to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, suggesting that the amendment procedure to the Annexes of the Basic Law be, or not be, started."


Mr Tam said if the standing committee decides Hong Kong can start the formal amendment procedure, the Hong Kong Government will conduct another round of public consultation and have its own proposal to put forward to the community for a second round of consultation.


The Hong Kong Government will then table an amendment motion at the Legislative Council, and it will be up to lawmakers to decide whether Hong Kong moves forward on constitutional development for 2017.


"We hope any foreign governments would respect this constitutional order - that it is for Hong Kong to decide."


Mr Tam said the Government welcomes any proposal by any group or person in the community that can stand up to the legal, political and practical tests involved.

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