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Green policies

Green policies:  Acting Chief Secretary Carrie Lam speaks to reporters before attending an Executive Council meeting.

Committee to form recycling policies

August 20, 2013
Acting Chief Executive Carrie Lam says she hopes the Steering Committee to Promote the Sustainable Development of the Recycling Industry can form policies which could better assist the industry.
Speaking to reporters before attending an Executive Council meeting today, Mrs Lam said the committee will hold its first meeting this week. It will comprise representatives from seven policy bureaux as it is not only the Environment Bureau’s job to promote the recycling industry. Other bureaux will need to assist, also.
She learned about the industry’s difficulties when she visited the Tuen Mun EcoPark with Secretary for the Environment KS Wong. She called on people from the industry to share their views at seminars to be held later.
Mrs Lam said the Commission on Poverty will also hold a meeting, which is probably its last before the announcement of poverty line in late September. The commission will be briefed on an analysis of the characteristics of people below the poverty line.
She said it will also explore safe and appropriate ways to assist the owners of sub-divided units in industrial buildings, as the Community Care Fund’s subsidy for low-income people who are inadequately housed did not cover those who live in such units.
Meanwhile, Mrs Lam said it is normal to have different views in society as Hong Kong protects freedom of speech. The Chief Executive earlier stressed that he hopes officials could go to listen to people’s views and answer people’s questions, so it is very important that officials organise district forums, or listen to people’s views on specific topics.
On another note, Mrs Lam said the third anniversary of the Manila hostage incident is approaching. The Government expressed condolences to the victims' families and hoped they can recover from their grief soon.
The Government has spared no effort in following up with the Philippines Government in the past three years, and the Security Bureau and Secretary for Security TK Lai will actively follow up on the victims' families' four requests, she said.