Police form PolyU safety team

November 25, 2019

Police have formed a safety team to enter the Polytechnic University (PolyU) campus to persuade people staying there to leave peacefully.


Speaking to the media today, Police Yau Tsim District Commander Ho Yun-sing said the force understands the public's concern about the alarming situation at the university, especially the health and well-being of the people who remain on campus.


“In the interest of their safety, Police have formed a safety team enlisting officers from other departments, including the fire services, ambulance services as well as Police Negotiation Cadre.


“The team will also include some independent mediators, including social workers, scholars, secondary school heads and also former Independent Police Complaints Council members.


“The safety team will enter the campus for negotiation and give assistance to those in need.”


He noted that Police have been adopting peaceful means and a flexible approach to solve the situation.


“Police now will roll out a flexible measure. For those who have medical needs, regardless of their age, we will arrange medical assistance to them without arresting them on the spot.


“We will only record their personal data, take photographs before arranging medical assistance. But we will pursue their cases later. Our principle is first rendering medical assistance and will not arrest them on the spot.”


He reiterated the force's wish to resolve the situation at the university peacefully.


“Our objective is loud and clear: we wish for a peaceful solution to the situation. It is certainly our goal to restore order and safety as soon as possible.


“So far around 1,100 people have left the PolyU campus in a peaceful and orderly manner, with 300 of them aged below 18.


“We will continue to maintain communication with the school management and hope their staff will join our safety team soon. Once again we appeal to those who still remain on the campus to leave in a peaceful and orderly manner.”

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