Police use of force justified

September 23, 2019

The use of force by Police is appropriate to the danger officers faced when executing their duties, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung stressed today.


While briefing the media on Police handling of violent protests last weekend, Mr Tse said protesters used dangerous and deadly weapons.


These weapons included bricks, metal marbles, slingshots, petrol bombs, knives and knives attached to umbrellas, he added.


Mr Tse explained the danger police officers faced last Saturday when a rioter hurled petrol bombs at police vans in Yuen Long.


“Our officers’ lives were under great danger. To protect himself and his colleagues, one officer alighted the van and pulled out his service revolver to disperse the crowd.


“His use of force is totally justified and decisive.”


He cited another incident in Tuen Mun in which a rioter tried to snatch a police officer's gun.


“Tens of rioters attacked one of our officers with hard objects, hiking sticks and umbrellas. One even attempted to grab his service revolver.”


Mr Tse asserted that there are online comments that teach people how to snatch service revolvers.


“Can you imagine the consequences if a loaded firearm fell into the hands of these rioters? In any case, our officers are justified in using appropriate force to contain the situation.”

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