Police condemn airport violence

August 14, 2019

The Police condemned violent acts that occurred at the airport yesterday and pledged to bring those who committed such acts to justice.


Assistant Commissioner of Police (Operations) Mak Chin-ho made the statement at a press conference today.


“We have seen multiple innocent air visitors being randomly held captive and obstructed from making their way to the departure gates.


“Some families with elderly and children were intimidated by a large group of unruly and noisy protesters. We’ve seen them crying and shouting to get out, but such reckless acts prevented them (from doing so).


“I believe most members of the public will ask, what did these visitors do to deserve such suffering?"


Mr Mak said protesters also blocked paramedics trying to approach injured visitors.


He added it is not appropriate to protest at the airport since it is an essential transport hub.


“The Hong Kong Police have always facilitated peaceful and orderly protests over the years, but the extremely radical and violent acts have certainly crossed the line and are to be most severely condemned.


“The Police pledge to all citizens in Hong Kong that we will take steps to bring all culprits to justice.”

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