HK youths take WorldSkills challenge

August 11, 2019

Skills create opportunities and are the foundation of economic progress. This is what inspired Mechatronics competitors Au Yeung Ka Ming and Tony Yeung to represent the Hong Kong team at the WorldSkills 2019 competition.


The duo are experts in the kind of technology that combines electronics and mechanical engineering. For this competition, they are required to tackle and assemble computer programs designed to run production equipment used in the manufacturing industry.


Mr Yeung described their relationship as symbiotic, saying his teammate is mainly responsible for assembling components and adjusting the production line position together.


“I am charged with writing programs and making the production line work automatically. We need to practise more so we can work faster. This way, we have extra time to check and improve our accuracy.”


Classmate to teammate

They were classmates when they studied for their Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education.


Because they have been training for the WorldSkills competition for more than one year, they have built a strong connection between them.


Mr Au Yeung said they are friends and know each other very well.


“I understand that he will assemble one part, while I take charge of another task. Working in tandem is our advantage.”


Master trainer

Simon Lai was a Mechatronics competitor who represented Hong Kong in the 2003 contest. After he graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering, he established his own company and helps to upgrade the production line of a local factory.


That makes him a Mechatronics master trainer who is now coaching the Hong Kong team voluntarily. They visited a beer factory in Fo Tan to learn more about new technology being used there.


Mr Lai said technology is evolving very quickly. In the site visit, he showed them the new components, food safety and procedures.


“I also share my past WorldSkills with them. I hope my experience can help them to do better and avoid making mistakes in the competition. I wish the Hong Kong Team the best of luck in the competition.”


Innovative designs

Long Chan will compete in the Jewellery trade. After graduation, he now works as an apprentice in a jewellery company. He received intensive training in skills that enable him to use a variety of tools and equipment to create innovative designs.


“My company supports me a lot. It sets up a unique workshop for me to practise. I need to practise how to master the torches that use gas and oxygen. It is not an easy task in this ambitious tournament.” Mr Chan said.


New module

Competitors must follow a technical drawing and are provided with 18 carat gold as the only material they can use to transform their creations into dazzling jewellery pieces.


Jewellery trade expert Dodo Chan said a new module is added this year to test not only the skills, but also design knowledge. Competitors are tasked with designing their own piece of jewellery using a collage of images that specify the client’s requirements.


Biennial competition

The biennial WorldSkills Competition will be held between August 22 and 27. It has attracted young talent from more than 60 countries and regions to compete in different skill sectors.


Hong Kong competitors will represent the city in 22 skills which also include Mobile Robotics, Print Media Technology, 3D Digital Game Art, Car Painting and Hairdressing.

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