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Come to life:  The Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs exhibition features animatronic dinosaurs.

HK's biggest dinosaur expo opens

November 07, 2013
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam opened the Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs exhibition at the Science Museum today, the largest show of its kind ever held in Hong Kong.
Presented by the Leisure & Cultural Services Department, the exhibition will run until April 9.
It occupies a 2,500 square metre gallery with more than 190 items, of which half are fossilised dinosaur skeletons and eggs.
Mrs Lam said the show strengthens Hong Kong’s cultural ties with the Mainland at the international level. Eight natural museums from the Mainland and five overseas museums and professional institutes are participating in the show.

It is divided into four sections. The Multimedia Theatre will show visitors how dinosaurs roamed in China in the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous periods with a newly created computer animation shown on a 20-metre screen.
Visitors can interact with animatronic dinosaurs by controlling their movements or triggering them to respond, in the Animatronic Dinosaurs Zoo.
A reconstructed fossil-digging site shows exhibits related to excavation and conservation.
The Fossil Gallery features more than 120 precious fossils and exhibits, along with interactive games.
A group of large robotic dinosaurs, including the 30-metre Daxiatitan binglingi are displayed outside the museum to greet visitors to the exhibition.
The museum has also organised a variety of education and extension activities. The family programme A Night With Dinosaurs will give families the chance to stay in the museum overnight with the dinosaur exhibits and take part in fun-filled activities.
The exhibition is a highlight programme of "Vibrant Hong Kong" under the "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign.
Visit the museum's website for details.

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