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Eddie Ng: Schools given activity guidelines

July 27, 2013
The Education Bureau has issued clear guidelines for student activities, Secretary for Education Eddie Ng says.
In response to media enquiries on Occupy Central today, Mr Ng said schools must set objectives for any activities, adding students should be guided and encouraged to discuss and consider various perspectives.
The Government does not encourage schools to organise activities that may breach the law, he said.
In response to questions about the closure of his consultancy firm, he apologised again for neglecting to report the existence of the company, and for the delay of its closure prior to taking office.
Mr Ng said he immediately sped up the closure process upon realising the oversight, including de-registration.
“The company which I owned had actually ceased operation three months before I reported for duty on July 1 last year, so there should have no particular relationship at all in terms of conflict of interest,” he said.

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