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Health lesson

Health lesson:  Secretary for Education Eddie Ng visits St Francis' Canossian School to inspect its preventive measures against H7N9.

Education chief urges H7N9 vigilance

April 11, 2013
Secretary for Education Eddie Ng visited St Francis' Canossian School in Wan Chai today to inspect its preventive measures against H7N9.
Accompanied by Under Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan and Assistant Director of Health (Health Promotion) Dr Regina Ching, during the visit he urged all schools in Hong Kong to stay vigilant to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.
School management briefed them on its raised alertness and the crisis management team set up to co-ordinate measures, including strengthened home-school co-operation, under which parents check their children's body temperature daily and record it in student handbooks. They also provide health education, and have paid particular attention to environmental hygiene, including cleanliness and disinfection.

Mr Ng said the Government is concerned about the virus, and bureaus and departments have liaised closely on preventive and control measures.
"We have already provided the Guidelines on Prevention of Communicable Diseases for schools to guard against communicable diseases,” he said, adding the bureau has also issued a letter to schools, together with the Centre for Health Protection’s advice, to remind them to stay vigilant.
He also said the bureau and the centre will continue to provide schools with timely advice and guidelines, and will organise health talks for schools in April and May for healthcare staff to share their expertise on preventing and controlling communicable diseases.
Mr Ng said the Government has established preventive measures at boundary control points, such as facilities to measure body temperature. There are also arrangements on coaches for cross-boundary students.
The measures for schools with students crossing the boundary is the same as that for local schools, including hand-washing procedures and encouraging students to measure their body temperature and not attend school if feeling unwell.

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