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30 e-textbook applications win nod

November 29, 2012
A steering committee on the selection, quality assurance and review of the e-Textbook Market Development Scheme has approved 30 applications for e-textbooks' development.
Secretary for Education Eddie Ng said $26 million has been allocated for the scheme and he expected e-textbooks to be available in the 2014-15 school year.
Applications cover the main subjects of Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, General Studies, Computer Literacy, Putonghua, Geography, Life & Society and Physical Education, he said. Twenty-one applications are for primary education and nine for junior secondary.
The applications came from 13 applicants, including non-profit making organisations, textbook-publishing-related organisations, e-learning resources developers and tertiary institutions.
The e-textbooks are generally priced about 20% lower than printed textbooks, he said, adding the price of the approved Geography e-textbook is as much as 63% lower than the average price of its printed counterpart.
The bureau has also launched a Partner Schools Scheme to invite 88 primary and secondary schools to try the e-textbooks and provide feedback, so that developers can enhance their design and contents.
The bureau will conduct an interim review and the committee will determine whether or not a second phase of the scheme is required.

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