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Schools may use grants flexibly

September 21, 2012
Secretary for Education Eddie Ng said schools can continue to use a $530,000 Moral & National Education Support Grant flexibly, to prepare, learn and teach school-based related education.
Speaking to the media, he said his bureau today had issued a circular memorandum to schools outlining an amendment to the policy on the Moral & National Education Subject and its details.
Under the amended policy, the arrangement requiring the full implementation of the moral and national education subject in the 2015/16 school year for primary schools and 2016/17 school year for secondary schools, at the end of their respective three-year initiation period, is abolished, he said.
“School sponsoring bodies and schools can, in accordance with their vision and mission, schools' readiness and professional judgment, exercise their discretion in deciding how to handle moral and national education-related matters, including whether to develop the subject, whether to implement the subject as an independent subject, and the implementation modes and schedule,” he said.
“School sponsoring bodies and schools may also, building upon what they have done so far, enhance their learning and teaching strategies and resources related to the subject such as values education, life education, knowing more about the country, civic education, sustainable development education, sex education, and so forth.”
The $530,000 Moral & National Education Support Grant, formerly known as the Moral & National Education Subject Support Grant, was disbursed to schools in August, to support schools' enhancement of the related education. 
The use of the grant should be included in the School Report which should be endorsed by the School Management Committee or Incorporated Management Committee.

Moral and National Education