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Gov't notes all views on education subject: CS

September 12, 2012
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam has reiterated that the Government respects the public's and students’ right to express their opinions, and has listened to all views on the moral and national education subject, including those of those opposing it and rallying against it.
Speaking to the media today, Mrs Lam said the Government has made a major revision to the policy, and will adopt an open and sincere attitude to tie in with the work of the Committee on the Initiation of Moral & National Education.
She hopes the public will give the Government an opportunity to review the work related to the subject, saying she does not want to see teaching and learning in schools affected by the issue.
Mrs Lam said the Government will listen carefully to legislators’ views on all issues when the new legislature is formed, including the moral and national education subject.

Moral and National Education