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Withdrawing subject against HK's spirit: CE

September 11, 2012
Chief Executive CY Leung said a request to “withdraw” the moral and national education subject is tantamount to preventing schools from launching the curriculum, which goes against the spirit of Hong Kong as a pluralistic society.
Speaking to the media today, Mr Leung said the Government has already revised its policy on the moral and national education subject by leaving it to the discretion of school-sponsoring bodies and schools to decide whether to implement the subject, whether to introduce it as an independent subject, and if so, to determine the mode and schedule for its implementation.
He added that the Education Bureau had issued a statement yesterday to withdraw the circular memorandum issued to all primary, secondary and special schools in May, to help resolve the controversy over the issue.
He urged those who are concerned over this issue not to dwell on the past but to pay attention to the Government’s latest announcements. These people include those who published full-page newspaper advertisements, and students who are considering boycotting class, Mr Leung said.
Meanwhile, Mr Leung said he will host a reception for newly elected legislators next week, to congratulate them and to develop sincere co-operation between them and the Government. The Government will try its best to work with the new legislature to serve the public, he said.

Moral and National Education