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Customs cases down 9%

February 04, 2016

Customs-related crime cases dropped 9% year-on-year to 18,611 in 2015.


Delivering at the Customs & Excise Department year-end review today Commissioner of Customs & Excise Roy Tang said smuggling cases fell 13% to 222. He noted that 70% of these cases were activities between Hong Kong and the Mainland.


Cases involving the illegal export of powdered formula fell 11% to 4,300.


Cases related to illicit cigarettes fell 11% to 10,279.


About 1.3 tons of drugs were seized last year, up 20%. About 70% of them were seized at the airport.


On copyright protection, a total of 1,003 infringement cases were detected, up 18%. Two-hundred involved Internet crime.


On consumer protection, there were 106 successful prosecutions of cases related to unfair trade practices.